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Our History

Although Clear Choice Lien Service, Inc. was officially born on October 1st 2005, we've been California's Clear Choice for vehicle lien processing for years! Founded in 1989 as Ritter Lien Sales South,Inc., we have steadily grown to become one of the largest vehicle lien processor in the country.

When we opened our doors in the fall of 1989 in a cramped one room office near San Diego State University, there was no such thing as the internet - or even a computer network! Things have certainly come a long way. Business partners at the time, Val L'Heureux and Hal Ritter began with a couple of computers, a few field reps and an office staff of two. Many hours were spent playing darts and crossing fingers. Over the years our offices have grown three times to make room for our expanding staff and the latest computer systems and processing equipment.

Today, we process thousands of lien sale documents each and every week. Our staff is still the most knowledgeable and has grown considerably. We're proud of the technical innovations that we have developed excluseively for our customers like our AutoFAX® system and our internet based WebQUIK® online lien service.

There's no doubt that a lot has changed over the years, but where it really counts, some things haven't changed a bit! Val L'Heureux continues as the owner and President. 

As we begin a new era as Clear Choice Lien Service, our comittment and our promise to you remains unwavering:

To consistently provide our family of customers a level of quality and innovative services that our competitors simply cannot!

If you'd like to contact our President, you may phone 1-800-423-2123 and ask for extension 112 or simply send an email!



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